Head Girl & Head Boy Statements

Many Congratulations to Mia and Ronit who have been chosen as Head Boy & Head Girl to represent SPS this academic year. 

I am so incredibly proud to be the Head Girl of Staines Prep and would like to thank every teacher I have had for making this possible for me. I have worked so hard for this wonderful opportunity.  My friends have helped me along the way and it will be sad to say goodbye at the end of the school year, but it will open up new and exciting opportunities for me.  I remember so well being in Reception and looking up to the Head Girl as being a huge role model for me, and now being her is so amazing! I hope that this year will be the best and most memorable time for me and all my friends.  Since I started this school the teachers and my friends have made me feel so comfortable and happy.  I cannot wait until the new school year starts but I would rather not like it to end.

I am also very proud as my own Grandmother was a student at Staines Prep during Mr & Mrs Burges’ time, so it is such an honour for me to be Head Girl all these years later.  I will do my very best as Head Girl.

Mia L – Head Girl


I have had a wonderful 7 years at Staines Prep. This school has given me a great environment to flourish, develop myself and build friendships. It has taught me to be kind and strive hard in whatever I do. The support and encouragement I get from my excellent teachers, school staff and my friends is invaluable which I will never forget and take with me throughout my life. It has enabled me to nurture my interests in music, sports, chess and science. I am proud to represent my school as its Head Boy and will do all I can to make it an even better place for all children. I am looking forward to my last year in this school and will miss it when I leave.

Ronit R – Head Boy