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We know that Staines Prep is special, but do not just take our word for it. Hear below from some of our parents.

Nursery Parent - December 2023

“My son absolutely loves Sunflowers Nursery. He’s been there for over a year now and adores all his teachers and classmates. We have seen huge developments in his behaviour and learning, and also conduct. We love the community the nursery and school have to offer.”

Nursery Parent - November 2023

“Our son joined Sunflowers Nursery once he turned 3, having previously been cared for by a lovely childminder, but he was ready to step up his learning and socialising. He has blossomed under the care and support of the SPS Nursery staff!

They have very small groups, a multitude of activities indoors and outside, gentle learning, parents are kept closely involved. Each week he comes back with new skills, new ideas, new songs and experiences like trips to the farm, cinema, Bollywood dancing.

He’s really happy there and we hope to keep him in SPS long term.”

Nursery Parent - November 2023

“My son has been at Sunflowers Nursery since Sept 2022 and is now in ‘Petals’, the class before they start reception. The standard of the nursery is absolutely incredible, there is nowhere better in the area to send your children. All the children are so happy and well cared for, the meal options are delicious, and the facilities are fantastic.

There is a lot of outdoor space and the children take part in PE lessons, cooking, music classes, forest school and visit the school library, and pictures of the children’s activities are shared with parents so you can see what they have been up to.

Our entire family are absolutely delighted with SPS Sunflowers Nursery and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

Nursery Parent

“From our daughter’s very first day at Sunflowers Nursery we knew that we had made the right decision sending her to Staines Prep. They take a real interest in your child’s education and wellbeing. They showed no hesitation in seeking additional help for our daughter within her first year at Nursery, which has now set her up for the rest of her academic life.

The Nursery follows the same ethos as the rest of the school so the transition from Nursery to Reception is a natural one. Even given the current circumstances with the lockdowns we face, the school has never lowered the standard of the education that they provide and our daughter is thriving with her home-schooling thanks to the support and encouragement of her teachers.”

Nursery & Lower Prep Parent

“Watching both our daughters progress through Nursery, Reception and then onto Years 1 & 2 at Staines Prep, we have been consistently impressed and delighted by the quality of both the academic education and the holistic approach to ensuring they grow into well-rounded, compassionate, empathetic individuals who are part of a community with common goals.

They are both learning that change, development and growth is normal and to be encouraged and embraced. We cannot ask for more.”

Lower & Upper Prep Parent

“I am a parent at Staines Prep School and have been for over 9 years. As a parent the schools ethos and values have always made me proud to send my children to the school. High emphasis is continually placed on the all rounded child and ensuring that our children are taught to be confident, positive and well mannered.

Staines Prep has a very warm, nurturing and supportive environment, they work in partnership with the parents to ensure that all children’s needs are individually met both academically and co-circularly. The children in the school are well equipped to grow and flourish. The Staines Prep Values are embedded so wonderfully in all aspects of the school from the classroom, to the lunch hall to positions of responsibility in the senior years. Children wear their badges with such pride and honour. The values are not only limited to the school environment, the children practice and live by these in the lives outside of school also. I have been witness to this myself with my children. It really is so wonderful to witness the children talk so naturally about the need for a growth mind-set and more so in the recent testing times of the pandemic and how we should always look to grow, be positive and helps others. As a parent I am always welcomed into the school and am given the help, feedback and guidance to ensure I am able to support my children to be the best that they can be. I know my children are safe and in the best environment to be able to grow and build a solid foundation.

Staines Prep is continually looking at ways to improve and adapt to the ever changing world and environment. The virtual learning that has been delivered throughout this pandemic has been second to none. I have not seen any dips at all in the level of teaching provided. The school has literally overnight rolled out a new way to educate. All the staff have been understanding, supportive and positive with introducing the new teaching methods to the children and the parents. They have worked tirelessly and the efforts have all bared fruit as you can see every single child has only grown throughout these unprecedented times. I am immensely proud of our school and so too are our children. If we were ever given the choice again we would without a shadow of doubt select Staines prep again to deliver nothing but the best start to our children’s education.”

Lower & Upper Prep Parent

“I joined Staines Preparatory School in 2014, over the years I have realised that Staines Prep is not a school, it is a community. A community of staff and parents who come together to provide the best possible learning environment for the children.

Over the years I have seen amazing leadership and high values from the Head and Senior staff, these values have been passed down to every level of teaching staff in the school, whether it be a teacher, teaching assistant or even a gap student!

When my child began at Staines Prep he was scared and quiet, he didn’t really know what was expected of him and to be honest neither did I! The reason I call this a community is because parents offered advice when I was confused and teachers guided me when I was unsure. Every step of the way help was offered and their open door policy was probably designed for a parent like me, I was never turned away from the doorway of a teacher’s classroom. My son is now a confident, mature and happy individual who loves school; this is because the teachers invested their time and effort in him.

My daughter started in 2018 and the system is the same if not even better, if that was even possible! My daughter had an amazing teacher who would make time for me whenever I needed to see her. She no longer teaches my daughter but still makes time for a quick chat to ask about her progress.

The teachers have an amazing work ethic, they actually care about each individual child and are concerned for their well-being not just providing them with an education. My son’s teacher once said to me ‘I see every child in my class as an individual not as a group’, these words stuck with me because this is exactly how I wanted my child to be seen, as an individual.

They notice when my children are upset and they deal with whatever is bothering them and look to resolve the issue in the present and not just put a note in their diary for me to see at the end of the day.

During this difficult time the Staines Prep staff have approached home-schooling in a positive manner, not only do they support the children but they also support us, the parents. The teachers respond to emails promptly and offer their support and follow through. The whole experience of home-schooling has been pain-free because of the impeccable organisation of all the staff.

The Staines Prep Way is not just a saying; it is embedded in the teachers, the support staff and the students. The head Mistress’s commitment to the Staines Prep Way has created a community in which our children are thriving and achieving their goals, this is what makes Staines Prep an absolutely outstanding school. The school has proved that they are more than worthy of this praise, the Staines Prep community is a community that I am very proud to be a part of.”

Former Nursery Parent

“My son has made outstanding progress in the 2 years he has attended the Sunflowers Nursery. He has enjoyed every moment of it and established positive relationships with his peers and staff. As a fellow teacher, I have taken a keen interest in the nursery curriculum and believe this to be a real strength of the school.

I would be very happy to recommend the Nursery and indeed the School to my friends and colleagues.”

Lower Prep Parent

“I was just writing to say how happy and confident we feel that our boys are going to be part of your lovely school. Even my son said “Mum, everyone seemed very happy in Staines”. I think it says a lot when a six year old makes this comment.

As parents we felt that the team was very warm and welcoming. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity!”

Former Upper Prep Parent

“I am obviously very pleased with my son’s 11+ results, but more so by his efforts and self-discipline in recent months. I am sure this will stand him in good stead when he moves onto the next stage of his schooling. Coincidentally, I wanted to share some feedback on my son’s interview at Halliford School. I was most impressed with his self-confidence, focus and mature attitude not just during the interview but even on route, calming ME down when I had lost my way!

All this has only reinforced to me what a positive impact Staines Prep School has had on my son and how you genuinely do help shape the whole person, and not just help them pass exams for external bodies. As busy parents, we are all too quick to spot faults and criticise schools and teachers – and all too easily forget to impart positive feedback. I congratulate all the staff for working cohesively to nurture our children. Staines Prep School and it’s philosophy deserves the praise I heard from senior staff at both Halliford School and Hampton School during recent visits. ”

A. W. Youth Police Community Support Officer (Surrey Police)

“I am writing to you to praise and commend the behaviour of your Year 6 pupils that attended the Junior Citizen Scheme at Sunbury Fire Station. All the instructors from the various agencies on the day commented on the impeccable behaviour displayed by your pupils. They were an absolute pleasure to have and are a credit to the School. ”


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