Scholarships Awarded

Scholarships Awarded

Through our More Able Programme we will identify areas where your child excels and offer support in any scholarship applications.

Our pupils have been offered both academic and non-academic scholarships at the schools listed below over the last 3 years. Please note that on some occasions families may choose not to accept, these are highlighted by an asterisk (*).

Scholarships Awarded 2022-2023 Senior school
Academic Scholarship Hampton School*
Academic Scholarship Sir William Perkins’s School
Academic Scholarship Westminster Under School*
Chess Scholarship Hampton School
Chess Scholarship Westminster Under School*
Music Scholarship Kingston Grammar School*
Music Scholarship Latymer Upper School*
Music Scholarship St Paul’s School
Sport Scholarship The Marist School


Scholarships Awarded 2021-2022 senior school
Academic Scholarship Halliford School*
Art Scholarship Halliford School*
Art Scholarship St Georges College Weybridge*
Major Academic Scholarship Merchant Taylor’s School
Music Scholarship The Marist School


Scholarships Awarded 2020-2021 senior school
Music Scholarship Halliford School
Music Scholarship St James Senior Boys’ School
Sports Scholarship St George’s College Weybridge



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