Dyslexia Awareness Workshop with Years 1-3

This week, Saanvi G and Sanjeeth E held a Dyslexia Workshop in the Library for pupils in Years 1-3. Read below what Saanvi had to say about the activities.

“On Wednesday lunchtime, Years 1, 2 and 3 came to the Library to take part in activities about dyslexia awareness. They printed their fingerprints and examined them and also drew themselves on a fingerprint (the theme was Uniquely You). Both these activities were highly popular, and they all loved it. Sanjeeth and I helped and explained what to do to the younger children. They enjoyed this a lot and have learnt a few facts about dyslexia.” – Saanvi G (6R) – Humanities Prefect.

Well done Saanvi and Sanjeeth for organising a fun way for our younger pupils to learn about dyslexia.

Mrs Davis – Special Educational Needs Coordinator

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