Kingswood Poem

We would like to share with you a poem that Zea A wrote about her experience of the Isle of Wight trip…

We went to the Isle of Wight by coach
Well…we went on a coach and then on a boat
We went to a beach and then up a hill
Remember this trip, is something I will
We made a massive KINGSWOOD right in the sand,
Which I did with my friends, hand in hand
With my best friends, I stayed in a dorm
The showers weren’t working which wasn’t the norm
The nightline trail was full of imperfection
Meanwhile, we got our dorms ready for inspection!
Archery, low ropes, Jacob’s ladder
The cold was not good for anyone’s bladder!
Though our home time was pushed off track
We showed lots of resilience on our way back
Mrs Stait, Mrs Reader, Mr Joll, Miss Brown and Madame Cade
Thank you for all the wonderful memories made!

by Zea A


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