More Able Programme

Pupils identified as ‘More Able’ are those who are working at, or have the potential to work at a level significantly above others in their class in any subject or curriculum area.

We use the term ‘Exceptionally Able’ to describe pupils whose abilities and needs exceed those of the more able compared with peers in one or more academic subjects. We also recognise that there are ‘Multi-Exceptional’ pupils who are more able or exceptionally able, but who also have additional learning needs.

Provision for More Able pupils may include classroom differentiation, school-based provision and out of school provision. These measures are largely dependent on the area which has been identified in which the pupil excels. We provide opportunities for pupils to share and utilise their skills and talents through whole school events, and external and internal competitions. Enrichment activities are embedded into the curriculum to allow pupils to take ownership of their learning, alongside our broad extra-curricular programme.


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