A Day in the Life

At Staines Prep no two days are ever the same – this is what will keep your child engaged, excited and developing a love of learning.

We’ve put together snapshots of life with us to give you an insight into the day of a pupil in our Lower Prep and Upper Prep respectively.

Lower Prep

I start the day walking into school with my brother ready for registration at 8:50am. On Mondays I’m very excited as we have Forest School for our first lesson. I love building dens, bug hunting and swinging on the tyre swing with my friends! Back in the classroom we get to play until our teacher calls me to practice my handwriting. Now it’s time for break and we have our snack – apples and grapes are my favourite – and then we get to play outside. After the break is Maths, which I find tricky, but today we are using the iPads to play counting games. Before I know it, it’s time for lunch.

The food at school is always really yummy, especially on Fridays when we have fish & chips. There are always lots of games to play with my friends and some of the older children come and play with us too.

After lunch we head off into our phonics groups and practice different sounds. ‘Oo’ is my favourite sound as it makes you pull a funny face when you say it. After phonics we have music, so we head off to the music studio and learn to make different sounds with percussion instruments. After a snack and afternoon break we go to the library, and after looking through the books with our friends we get to pick a new one to take home. We then get ready for the end of the day with a story on the carpet.

Most of my class go home at 3:20pm, but I stay for 4 o’clock Club, where I play games and make things as my older brother is in the Upper Prep and doesn’t finish until 4pm.
Ellie, Reception

Upper Prep

I go to SPARKS from 7:30am in the morning as my mum and dad both work in London so have to catch an early train. I like getting to eat breakfast and chat with my friends before school.

Thursday is my favourite day as we start with Assembly where we find out who has won the House trophy that week – I always hope it’s Attenborough house! Then it’s off for double Science where we get lots of opportunities to do experiments in the lab to support the topic we’re learning or take our lesson outside to the Forest School. After trying to master the hard route on the horizontal climbing wall at break time, it’s off to RE where we learn all about different religions and have some really interesting conversations. Next is English where we are learning all about Charles Dickens. We get to perform Scrooge as our Christmas show so I’m working really hard as I’d really like to play the part of the Ghost of Christmas Future!

Lunchtime is next. We head out to play football on the field before eating, except Wednesday when I have Orchestra rehearsals. The food is really nice and you can help yourself to as much salad, fruit and bread as you want. After lunch we have History where we learn all about stone age Britain, then ICT where we are designing our own games using Scratch coding. I’m designing a Pacman-style game with a mouse that has to collect cheese and avoid the cat! After break we have double Maths – my favourite subject – and then it’s time to head home.
Arvin, Year 5


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