Our four Houses are: Attenborough, Dahl, Ennis-Hill and Seacole.

In 2018 our pupils, through the School Council, requested to update our House names from Churchill, Brunel, Raleigh and Shakespeare. These were important historical figures who were successful in their respective fields but no longer represented who we are and what we offer at Staines Prep.

The whole school community took part in a consultation where figures were proposed and democratically voted for. It was a difficult and thought provoking process as it was important to us as a school to represent different areas that would be inspiring and inclusive.

Our new House namesakes come from a range of backgrounds having achieved their success in STEM, Literature, Arts and Music and Sport. We are proud to have Attenborough, Dahl, Ennis-Hill, and Seacole as our Houses at Staines Prep!

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