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In Lower School we put happiness and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

A happy child is able to learn and develop academically, but equally importantly they grow personally and socially. A supportive and nurturing environment is created in every classroom which enables pupils to feel confident and secure. We work in partnership with parents to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

Embedded within the teaching and learning in Lower School is our set of core values: the Staines Prep Way. In addition to this, we teach our pupils to develop a Growth Mindset which encourages pupils to be resilient, determined learners by teaching them to overcome obstacles when developing a new skill.

Class Teachers, Learning Support Staff and Specialist Subject Teachers work holistically to carefully tailor education to meet the needs of individual learners in a stimulating environment.

Our many extra-curricular clubs both before and after school, along with the day-to-day learning, provide our pupils with the confidence and sense of achievement that every child deserves. Opportunities to partake in inter-house competitions and challenges also teach the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

We recognise the importance of celebrating both individual and team success through awards for behaviour, achievement and effort. These are presented to pupils in weekly assemblies and shared with parents via our weekly communication.

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Pupils in Year 4 created their own human digestive system and looked at the process of digestion. Lots of fun!!! #StainesPrepYear 4 #StainesPrepScience https://t.co/qtSCgy4QVS

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