School trips enrich our curriculum; they offer teachers the opportunity to take pupils out of the classroom and explore topics from a different perspective.

Our pupils go on two to three curriculum-linked trips a year. These range from smaller trips to the local synagogue or church as part of their Religious Education, to spending a whole day at The Globe Theatre, bringing Shakespeare off the page.

It is a pleasure to hear the pupils talk so enthusiastically about what they see and experience on curriculum trips, and how that ties into topics studied in lessons. Our teachers are experts in bringing learning to life, but nothing can replicate the memorable experience a Year 4 pupil has standing immersed in Roman life at the Verulamium Museum.

Residential trips form an integral part of our pupil’s development. We support them every step of the way by gradually increasing the amount of time the children sleep away from home over the course of their time with us. This begins in Year 2, where pupils spend a night camping together in school, with hot chocolate and a film. Years 3, 4 & 5 take part in outward-bound residential trips, mastering everything from making their own beds to abseiling and teamwork to cross a river. This then culminates in Year 6, during which children go to Somerset for the week, discovering the history of Bath and the geography of Cheddar.

Over and above our educational trips, we have optional trips open in the school holidays. Your child could opt to go skiing in Italy, or absorb the culture of France for a week.

Curriculum and residential trips are included in school fees, with overseas trips being chargeable as an additional cost.


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