Sports Assembly (Spring Term)

On Monday morning we held the SPS Sports Awards. The motto Striving, Perseverance and Sporting Spirit has been shown in abundance by our pupils during the Hockey and Rugby season and they are certainly making it difficult for us to choose. However, the recipients were:

Hockey Awards 

  • Year 3:
    Sara Q – Perseverance
    Olimjon M – Striving
  • Year 4:
    Rhea S – Striving
    Zaydan M – Perseverance
  • Year 5:
    Bethan L – Striving
    Rico-Jeremiah W C – Perseverance
  • Year 6:
    Shreya S – Striving
    Joanne J – Perseverance

Rugby Awards

  • Year 3:
    Aaron B – Striving
    Stefano B – Perseverance
  • Year 4:
    Syed A – Striving
    Raushan K – Perseverance
  • Year 5:
    Larissa G-C – Perseverance
    Philippa J – Sporting Spirit
  • Year 6:
    Adam T – Perseverance
    Aaryan P – Striving

This culminated in our cup winners from Year 6, who receive these cups for outstanding contribution to their sport.

  • Indian Gymkhana Cup for outstanding contribution to Hockey – Amaya K
  • The Sawyer Cup for outstanding contribution to Rugby – Ibrahim J

Thank you to all parents who give up their time to watch their children play in school fixtures or enable their children to be involved in sport outside of school.

Mrs Roberts and Mr Joll – Co-Head Games

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