STEAM Week: Time & Sustainability

This year’s STEAM Week has been filled with a variety of activities designed to engage and extend the children’s love of all things STEAM.

On Monday, we welcomed back Halliford School for the annual Whole School Assembly. This was ably led by three former pupils of SPS. The demonstration included a reaction time test with participation from the audience, an experiment testing for oxygen involving Upper School children, Iodine Clock showing chemical changes and for the finale, the ever-popular Elephant’s Toothpaste.

We had parent speakers talking to Years 5 & 6 about a diverse range of subjects from Chemical Engineering, the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence, IT Project Management, a career talk on Illustration, as well as computer coding and workshops using Python.

The STEAM Exhibition teams from Years 3-6 also presented their entries to their year groups before the final judging.

In Nursery, were experiments involving skittles and large frozen eggs and salt. The children also explored shadows and retelling a story using shadow puppets and started their investigation on growing their own dinosaurs in a water tank, as well as some volcanic eruptions using food chemical reactions.

Year 1 continued their topic of seasons, with a walk to Commercial Park, looking for signs of spring, whilst Year 2 presented their own experiments. Sprinting investigations involving the theme of ‘Time’ featured in Year 3, and Year 4 made their own clocks, linked to Mathematical cubes.

Today was even more exciting, with further investigations with Pendulum making in Year 4, ‘Rainbow Toast’ in Nursery and ‘Time Capsule Letters’ in Art, Design & Technology. There will also an opportunity for children to visit our own small Planetarium in the Art & Design room, whilst looking at some of the entries to the STEAM

A selection of photographs from the week can be found here.

Mrs Stait – Whole School Science Coordinator

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