Pupil Leadership Team

Head Girl
My name is Daya. When my name was called out in assembly I was so happy!  You see, I had always wanted to be Head Girl since I was in Year 4 so this is a massive achievement. I was excited and a little nervous as I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot a live up to. With the help of my friends I intend to make this year a fantastic year.

Daya J – Head Girl

Suhaan A, Milee M, Ameya M, Sanjit K, Riyana C, Olivia S
Head Boy
My name is Zafir. When I joined in Reception I was a timid little boy, however SPS taught me to be brave and to be the best I can be in all situations. I hope to take what I have learned and lead my fellow pupils to follow the Staines Prep Way. When my name was called out as Head Boy, I had a flood of different emotions going through my brain. I am proud to have this role and I will do the best I possibly can to fulfil my responsibilities for the school, my fellow pupils and myself.

Zafir R – Head Boy
House Captains
Liam N & Raiya B (Seacole), Corey P & Lilly C ( Ennis - Hill),  Ashton Y & Jasmine C (Dahl), Rhea D & Harry J ( Attenborough)