Staff & Governors

To contact The Chairman of Governors:
Mr M Hall
Staines Preparatory School
3 Gresham Road
TW18 2BT

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Telephone - 01784 450909
Senior Leadership Team
Ms S Sawyer B.Ed. (Hons), M.Ed., NPQH Headmistress
Mrs R McLennan B.A. (Hons), Assoc. CIPD Business Manager
Mr J Philpott B.A. (Hons) ACMA Bursar
Mrs H Miles B.A. (Hons), QTS, M.Ed. Deputy Head
Mrs A Reader B.A. (Hons), QTS, NPQSL Assistant Head
Miss R Selby  B.Sc (Hons), PGCE Assistant Head
Mr M Hall (Chairman) Staffing, Education, Finances & General Purposes
Mr R Adams Early Years  & GDPR Governor, Staffing, Marketing
Mr D Brown Safeguarding Lead, Education
Ms S Caulfield Pensions,Finances & General Purposes,Staffing
Mr D Chadburn Remuneration, Staffing Property, Finances & General Purposes, Pensions
Mr B Davies Property
Ms S Gill Education, Marketing, Pensions
Mr M Graham Finances & General Purposes, Marketing, Bursaries Scholarship & Fees, Pensions
Mr A Madigan Health & Safety Governor, Property, Finances & General Purposes, 
Mr G Want Education, Finances & General Purposes, Bursaries Scholarship & Fees, Property
Upper School Staff
Mrs L Kennedy B.A. (Hons), PGCE 6K Whole School English Coordinator, Year 5 English
Mr J Lawson B.A., QTS 6L History & Classics Coordinator, History & Classical Studies, PHSEE Coordinator
Mrs S Pearce B.A. (Hons), PGCE 6P Upper School Maths Coordinator, Y6 Maths, RE & Intervention Groups
Miss A Brown B.Sc. (Hons), QTS 5B Year 5 & 6 Coordinator, Year 5 English
Mr A Arthur B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE 5A Year 5 & 6  Science Teacher
Mr G Joll Diploma in Teaching 5J Head of Boys Games, Lower School Forest School
Miss A Borley B.A (Hons), M.A., PGCE 4B Year 4 English and RE, Whole School RE Coordinator
Mr G Morgan B.A. , QTS 4M Year 4 Maths and Science
Madame A Le Souchu B.Ed, QTS 4LS Whole School Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator
Miss N Dehala B.Ed., B.Sc. (Hons), QTS 3D Year 3 Coordinator, Class Teacher
Mrs S Sheth B.A (Hons), PGCE 3S Class Teacher
Miss S Miah B.A. (Hons), PGCE 3M Class Teacher, Upper School Able, Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Mrs K Roberts B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE, QTS Year 4 Coordinator, Head of PE / Girls Games
Mrs F Record B.Ed. (Hons), QTS Art, Design & Technology Coordinator
Mrs A Reader B.A. (Hons), QTS Year 5 Maths Teacher, Assistant Head Upper School
Mrs V Ubhi B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE Upper School Computing Teacher
Miss I Draper BMus. (Hons), PGCE Director of Music
Mr K Modaberi B.A. (Hons), QTS Geography, Games 
Mrs S Walsh B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE Forest School EYFS / Year 2
Mrs V Davis B.A. (Hons) QTS Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
Mr S Clifford, Level 1 Certificate Rugby & Level 3 Football Coaching Part-time Games Coach
Mrs T Lord, Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional Part-time Games Coach
Lower School Teaching Staff
Mrs E Povey B.A. (Hons), QTS 2P Class Teacher, Year 1 & 2 Coordinator, Lower School Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Mr C Gauthier B.A. (Hons), QTS 2G Class Teacher, EAL Coordinator
Mrs H Miles B.A. (Hons), QTS
2MA Class Teacher (Job Share), Deputy Head
Mrs H Atlee B.A. (Hons) QTS 2MA Class Teacher (Job Share)
Miss R Selby B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE 1S Class Teacher, Assistant Head Pre-Prep and Lower School
Miss K du Toit B.A. (Hons), QTS 1dT Class Teacher, Lower School English Coordinator,
Miss H Stillman B.A. (Hons), QTS RS Class Teacher, Reception Year Coordinator
Mrs N Pearce B.A. (Hons), QTS RP Class Teacher
Ms N Sutherland Moore B.A. (Hons), QTS RSM Class Teacher, Lower School Maths Coordinator
Sunflowers Nursery
Miss L Mulford B.A. (Hons), QTS Nursery Teacher
Mrs C Salisbury, NVQ3 Senior Practitioner (Seedlings)
Mr J Vale, CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare Nursery Practitioner
Mrs A Aylett B.A. (Hons), QTS Nursery Practitioner, Forest School support
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs T McCoig Reception
Mrs L Rapley, NVQ3 Reception
Miss J Walgate, CACHE Level 3 Diploma Reception
Mrs L Wooster, NVQ3 Year 1
Mrs  C Bathurst Year 1
Mrs A Green B.A. (Hons) Year 2
Ms A Butler TA Level 3 Year 3 and 4
Mrs R Falleiro Year 4,5 and 6
Miss S Batterson SEN LSA
Miss M Horne LSA Gap
Mr R Collins LSA Gap
Support Staff
Mrs R McLennan, BA (Hons), Assoc. CIPD Business Manager
Mr J Philpott B.A. (Hons) ACMA Business Manager (Maternity Cover)
Mrs S Kulkarni Assistant Business Manager
Mrs S Rivers PA to Headmistress and School Secretary
Mr B Bolton ICT Technical Manager, Computer Club
Mrs M Weller Admissions and Marketing Manager
Mrs J Archer Administration Manager
Mrs T Clarke Administrator
Mrs E Fowler Accounts Assistant
Mrs S Thapar, Registered General Nurse (RGN) Welfare Officer
Mrs K Peters Welfare Officer
Mr G McCoig Facilities Manager
Mr D Rakowski Caretaker
Miss L Russell Cleaner, Lunchtime Supervisor Team Leader
Mrs K Bond Secretary to Clerk to Governors
Music Tutors
Miss J Aherne, BMus (Hons), LRSM, MISM Piano
Mrs Anna Goodhew, MMus, BMus (Hons) GSMD Piano
Miss C Jeppeson BMus (Hons), CTABRSM Singing and Piano
Mr P Ford MMus, LRSM, LGSMD, MISM Piano
Miss E Ajao dipABRSM Violin
Mrs A Walker BA (Hons), MMus, ARCM, LTCL Cello
Mr T Kwaterski BMus (Hons), RNCM Trumpet
Mr J Morgan Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Drums
Other Extra Curricular Staff
Dr N Stewart PHD, B.Sc, CPHYS Chess
Mr S Jackson, Football Coaching Qualification Chelsea Football Club
Mr O Fricker BJA Level 2 Coach Judo
Mr S McShane, Member of Magic Circle Magic
Mr S Clifford, Sport coaching qualifications Sports Focus
Mr D Knight Table Tennis
Ms A Mazurek Table Tennis
Mr S Savage
Senior Performance Coach LTA
Mrs K Hammon, NVQ3 Sparks Supervisor
Mrs C Bathurst Deputy Sparks Supervisor
Mrs H Barker Sparks Assistant
Miss N Constant Sparks Assistant
Mrs W Hammon, NVQ2 Sparks Assistant
Mrs J Herschell Sparks Assistant
Ms S Moore Sparks Assistant
Ms S Eyre Sparks Assistant
Miss H Weston, NVQ3 Sparks Assistant
Miss S Batterson Sparks Assistant
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs H Barker B.A. (Hons) Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Belbin, NNEB Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Herschell Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S Moore Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Batterson Lunchtime Supervisor

Important Notice

Shortlisted for 'Pre-Prep School of the Year' 2021

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for ‘Pre-Prep School of the Year’ in the Independent School awards.
Important Notice